Bianca Birkholz


In 2004, I was touched deep in my heart by God with a vision/mission that changed my life forever. Since then I have been following the vision of GODS ARK, which is now being built by many people worldwide - a living body in Christ.


In 2008 I was led by the Holy Spirit to paint. Over a period of 12 years, the 12 Pearls of the New Jerusalem were created, where international and online seminars take place. I have also been offering personally painted pictures for sale since 2012.

My passion is the apostolic-prophetic ministry, where I am available with her gifts of deliverance, music, art, dance and prophecy.


Since February 2022 I have been living and working in Nicaragua, where I have built a training centre Hacienda Freedom Sanctuary, with a focus on living and working in a supernatural lifestyle, intimacy with God, coaching and potential development.

With Hacienda Freedom Sanctuary I want to give people in leadership positions the opportunity to organise retreats or seminars. The purpose of this beautiful place is to be an oasis of peace and tranquillity for groups and individuals to come to rest, recharge and get back into the divine flow.


My heart's desire is to create an oasis of peace and growth at the Hacienda Freedom Sanctuary, where your heart and soul can blossom, your potential and gifts can unfold and your divine plan can be released.


I have completed several training programmes, I am a qualified diploma occupational therapist, dance and art therapist. I have also completed several further training courses in the fields of music, bodywork and wellness and nutrition.

I have been working as a coach and counsellor for around 25 years.


My personal approach to life is that there are always solutions and all things are possible to him who believes (Mark 10:27)