Kingdom Art workshops

Creativity - Joy - Revelation


The goal of a Kingdom Art Workshop is to make the glory of God tangible and visible through art. This type of Art Workshop serves as conduit to personal revelation, connecting individuals with their visions and inspiring them to embrace their unique paths.


We believe and have experienced that personally created prophetic images will support you in making your heart's vision visible.

Personally created images will also create a harmonious, light and colorful atmosphere in your living and working spaces.


We are dedicated to uncovering hidden talents, releasing deep-seated blockages, and nurturing authentic relationships with God through Art.




Creativity – Revelation – Connection - Joy


Groups for up to 12 people, every second week.


For Teens: coming to a closer relationship with God and their blueprint, finding out their skills and talents, finding a deeper balance and connection to themself.


For Kids: Finding deeper balance and peace in themself.

Learning to concentrate and focus, having fun and learning to work together in groups.


Price: Children age 9-13 years,    90 Min. $15 usd, materials included

           Teens age 13-18 years      90 Min., $20 usd, materials included

           Adults 18 years and over   90. Min. $20 usd, materials included



A one day Workshop, from 9 am to 6 pm, with sharing Potluck together, different themes, $60 Usd, plus material cost.

Includes Authentic Movement/Dance and Music is also a part of the workshop

For Adults and teens over 16 years old: A workshop time to go deeper into your heart, stepping forward and coming to a deeper relationship with God, overcoming fear, negative emotions and old habits, revealing deep insights and stepping deeper in Gods divine plan for you.


The aim of the workshop is for you to enjoy discovering new spaces in your heart and, if possible, to allow them to blossom. Hidden talents and abilities come to light. Directions, questions and other unanswered answers in your life receive direction and direction. But above all, you should be strengthened, with a little more clarity and a lot of joy, having creatively designed something wonderful from the heart on Linenland for your home.




 A full day/ or two days of workshops to get clarity and revelation on certain topics chosen by the organization. The workshops also help to provide direction and solutions. Hidden things are made visible so that healing can happen on different levels.


Goals that can be achieved in the different workshops:

  • Gaining a deeper and more authentic relationship with God
  • Healing from deep patterns and habits from the roots
  • Revelation and implementation of next steps in life or for the company
  • Revelation of one's own calling/destiny
  • Revelation and activation of hidden talents and gifts
  • Revelation and release of deep-seated blockages
  • Revelation and activation of the divine plan intended for you or the company, organization