hacienda freedom sanctuary

A sacred place where heaven and earth meet in your heart


Hacienda Freedom Sanctuary is a very beautiful, peaceful place, where you can feel the presents of GOD.

Nestled in a magnificent natural environment, with many fruit trees, flowers and a huge forest, surrounded by the most beautiful sandy beaches of Nicarouga, everyone can find their way directly into the silence and connection. The next bigger town San Juan del Sur is 25 minutes away.

 It is possible to simply have a time-out for a certain period of time and enjoy the extraordinary place and environment.



Here you have the opportunity to take an individual break for a while, find peace and inner connection and recharge your batteries. Various packages, Kingdom programs and Coachings, creative Workshops tailored to your needs are offered to support you. The shared kitchen offers plenty of space for cooking. Various events are offered in the spacious, beautiful lounge. It also invites you to simply enjoy your drink and food.