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The 12 peArls of the new jerusalem - awakening in your heart and spirit


The creating process of the paintings of the 12 Pearls of the New Jerusalem:


In 2009 I woke up and I heard the message, buy a big canvas, paints, brushes and easel and start painting. Until that time I had almost no painting skills. The Holy Spirit worked through me so strongly that I could hardly stand its power and sank to my knees or lay on the floor with every brush stroke. I was barely able to hold the brush. Although I am right-handed, I painted left-handed and right-handed or even bilaterally. The power of the Holy Spirit was so strong that I hardly had any control over my body and hands. The first 2-3 years of making were so exhausting for me because I spent a lot of time on my knees and lying on the floor, praying, pleading and speaking in tongues to learn humility, surrender and obedience above all. On the one hand, it felt like a very hard training or a kind of training camp, where all the I in me was more and more put to flight. But on the other hand, a longing for God's word and a desire to understand grew in me, so that I often felt overwhelmed by grace. In the making of the paintings, much wisdom, biblical teaching and knowledge was imparted to me by the Holy Spirit. This knowledge has been revealed above all through my heart. Over a very intensive process of more than eight years, first 7 pearls of the New Jerusalem in the Old Covenant were completed as paintings and then another 5 paintings. During this time the different dimensions of the Old Covenant Bible Law were revealed to me. After the paintings were completed, I experienced a new birth by going deeply into repentance with myself before the Lord over a long period of time beforehand because profound things were revealed to me by the Father. After this rebirth, a renewed 2-year process has begun to partially or even completely paint over all 12 paintings out of the completed work of Jesus Christ. It was important to paint over the paintings that were created out of the legalism of the Old Covenant and not to take new canvases, because the Old Covenant was built on the New Covenant and through Jesus Christ, the Law was fulfilled. The paintings of the New Jerusalem Pearls in the New Covenant represent the freedom of the living Christ in man. In this altogether ten-year, profound process, the 12 Beads of the New Jerusalem were painted on canvas, with acrylic paint, in a size of 140 x 100 cm. In each painting, my own bodily-spiritual structure was transformed into Christ and aligned with the divine order. Throughout the creation process I was guided by the Holy Spirit, which I had already received at the age of 25 when I gave my life to Jesus Christ. The materials used in the making are 22-24 carat gold leaf, 925 silver and copper. Precious stones mentioned in the Bible were also incorporated into the colors. Up to 24 layers of paint were applied to the individual paintings. Each painting was worked in several layers, so that different colors, shapes and metal layers were worked in under the surface that can be seen. During the creation of the paintings of the New Jerusalem Beads, I prayed and sang a lot in tongues, danced and quoted words from the Bible. The power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have always been involved in the creation of a painting in a multi-layered way.



Note on the paintings:

The images of the pearls of the New Jerusalem are intended to serve as heavenly inspiration and may also touch your heart. They merely serve as an inner impression in order to possibly gain a deeper understanding of the pearls of the New Jerusalem.

Just as we are not allowed to make a picture of Jesus Christ, the pictures are not meant to be a picture of the pearls of the New Jerusalem. I have the gift of sight and when I paint, I very often find myself in the New Jerusalem, which for me is carried inwardly by colours, light frequencies, sounds, gold and the glory of God.

The pearls are intended to give an impression of what has been created within 12 years, guided by the Holy Spirit. Just as the poems are also a kind of tone colour for me and above all have the task of touching you in your heart.

The fountain of living water (Proverbs 4:23) springs forth in the heart, in the place where Jesus Christ dwells. Rather, it is about revealing the pearls like an onion skin.

This in turn happens through: Forgiveness, our faith, God's grace, the biblical word and daily action and life, guided by the Holy Spirit. This is how the pearls of the New Jerusalem are brought to bloom in each and every one of us.

Each individual pearl was pointed out to me as a quality or attribute of God.


Revelation 21:12 says that there were 12 angels at the gates, and the 12 names of the sons of the 12 tribes of Israel are written on the 12 gates.

When the pearls were painted, there was also an angel at my side at each gate, which were seen by several people. The apostles also represent certain qualities in the Bible. It is difficult to understand with the mind, but it can be grasped with the heart, where Jesus Christ dwells. 



Note on the vision:

As Revelation 21: 9-11 indicates, the New Jerusalem comes adorned like a bride from heaven. The Bride also represents the Body of Christ, the Church of God. In the vision given to me 19 years ago, the New Jerusalem descending from heaven as the Golden City with Her 12 Pearls is connected to the hearts of the people. In the many years of dealing with the 12 pearls of the New Jerusalem, I have gained a deep insight into the meaning of the pearls, the New Jerusalem in us, how heaven on earth becomes effective in us by making the glory of God, the daily walking in Jesus Christ visible in us, so that we are like salt and light for the earth. The New Jerusalem is brought out above all by being willing to let only Jesus Christ live through us and being willing to be more than overcomers (Rev. 2 and 3) and laying down our bodies to HIM daily. The pearls of the New Jerusalem are like onion layers shadowed by fear, lack, control, greed, jealousy, etc., which are freed by faith, His grace and surrender to Jesus Christ, the Biblical Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The deeper and truer our relationship with the Lord is, the more His glory can be expressed through us.


And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass. And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. (Revelation 21, 21, 22)


Having grasped the glory of God in our hearts (Ga.l 2:20), we always carry His love with us wherever we are. This love urges us to work for the good of our brothers and sisters (1Thes. 1,3), to be patient, peaceful and long suffering in our dealings with people and more, to look after the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of our neighbor, because in Christ we are one body and should respect, value and stand up for one another (1 Cor. 12).




The 12 pearls of the new jerusalem