kingdom art galLery


Welcome to my Gallery. While I paint, Holy Spirit guides me and takes me into the heavenly spheres of the New Jerusalem. As I watch and listen to the heavenly sounds, I perceive color frequencies and tones and then try to express them in my paintings.

Often, I start painting from the center of the canvas and move outwards, as Jesus Christ is always the center of every piece. As I paint, the emerging picture unfolds in all directions. My heart's desire is to bring strength, beauty, and a childlike joy of expression through color and divine harmony into your living and working spaces with my paintings.


I would be pleased if you would take a little time to let the pictures in the gallery have an effect on you.


Alpha & Omega


Body, Soul and Spirit

Holy Spirit inspired

Kingdom prophetic art

section i am the way, the truth and the life

there will be light

the divine flow

the elements

the heart of god

the power of the lord

living water

bible verses