Dear Bianca , I want to thank you very much for this wonderful seminar ♥️🔥 ! The Lord was mightily present. I was allowed to experience Him again and again - especially during the language prayer of Bianca. And every time great peace has come into my heart. I am so blessed ! 

Today I saw a desert - first with a mountain - but soon it was no longer there. I remembered the scriptural word: Behold, I work new things! Now it sprouts up. Do you not recognize it? Yes, I lay a path through the desert, streams through the wasteland.. 😃 - Manuela


I was richly blessed and the Holy Spirit showed the hidden fears and insecurities about my vocation and the upcoming ministry assignment. 

I was allowed to name, confess and repent of these and put on the notes 🎵 the blood 🩸 of Jesus was powerful and fiery arrows of God (words of truth) had caused the fears to go up in smoke and ashes, but the notes were burning for the Lord and the new songs give glory to God. I have been tremendously strengthened and encouraged in my calling. All glory to our Lord. 🦁 🕊️♥️ Rachel


I was allowed, led by the Lord, to lay myself on His altar to give HIM Jawhe all that I am and have, because everything is through HIM and comes from HIM and flows to HIM. The altar has sanctified me as a living sacrifice and the fullness of Christ's inheritance has been unlocked and released for me in heavenly regions for perfect provision as a daughter of the Most High 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 that is God's will for all of us. Amen 🙏🏻 Thank you Lord, Petra


Shalom, after the first part on Monday about fear, I was allowed to continue to experience liberation during the night, it was as if the seminar had continued to take place, in my dreams. I experience freedom in my thoughts.

In my change and experience from completely different views, which were not apparent to me before, how the Lord works around me and also how I overcome in very many views. I could never hear my voice before, because I was afraid to have said something wrong or to be laughed at and today I listen to it without problems. I overcome !

I talk more openly and actually feel all the fears that I had put on the list disappear. Yesterday I went to Cologne alone and that was not always easy for me before.  I can see how I am allowed to overcome human fear and human complaisance and it is such a lightness, peace. 

I read the Bible more openly and I sum with praise songs around, in trains or walks, with the family HALLELUJAH.                                                 Thank you Jesus 🙏 Vanessa


I would also like to thank you very much for yesterday evening.

While Stephanie prayed for liberation I felt how deep inside me still occult things were and today finally wanted to go. Before my conversion 7 years ago I was caught deep in all the occult things. Several times I have experienced liberation from it but somehow a remnant still remained in me. And this remnant left last night. I am free now - Hallelujah praise the Lord 🙏

Then as Bianca prayed I suddenly saw Jesus standing in front of me with a white garment in his hand. He handed it to me and I took it and put it on. Then Jesus reached his hand to me and said, "Come I will take you where I want you to go."

Full of gratitude, I took his hand. I feel a peace and freedom that I have never experienced before.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus 🙏❤️ sincerely Renate


Many thanks Bianca and Stephanie for this precious ministery❣️ 

Today I had the impression that the Lord was taking my heart in His hand and breathing into it very gently all around in several places (even before Bianca said we were getting new gifts). On the hint to ask God what we are receiving, I did and the first thing I heard was "joy". Other words then came. I felt quite a lot of peace and healing as I was also able to be receptive today to what was about to happen.👑🔥🎁Heartfelt greetings, Bianca 





I have never experienced anything so brilliant about coaching. Bianca gets straight to the point, without beating around the bush. But not only that, she goes directly to the root and frees profound blockages. After one session I already felt much lighter and freed. I can only warmly recommend to everyone to have sessions with her. Thanks a lot! Eric


In the 7 sessions (package) I had with Bianca, life-changing things happened for me. On the one hand, I got a lot of clarity and solutions for my further path and on the other hand, I was freed from many deep-seated blockages and behavioral patterns, also from a primal fear that plagued me since my childhood. Thanks to their help, I am now able to reorganize my life. Thank you so much, Theresa


Thank you so much Bianca for your clear, transformative and beneficial coaching. I feel richly blessed, deeply moved and ready to explore new paths that I could not even begin to imagine before your sessions.  Thank you, Jessica





It was the first time I had experienced this kind of touch. The touches were very gentle, soft and focused. Through Bianca's hands the Holy Spirit flowed so strongly that my whole body vibrated and I was touched again and again by waves of flowing warmth. In between Bianca sang, which touched me deeply in my heart and peace came. After the session I felt liberated, peaceful and more in tune with myself. I would do it again and again., it was absolutly amazing experience! Ruth